What is the truth about sex?“God gave me these desires and the whole world tells me to do it. How do I handle my hormones? What does God expect me to do?”

Even though a serious and open discussion about human sexuality is still embarrassing and uncomfortable to many, it is truly tragic that so many can’t handle the truth of God’s Word about sexuality and can’t acknowledge the realities so many people find themselves in! Ambiguous and mixed messages about sex bombard the young and the impressionable everyday. Are enough Christians asserting God’s truth about the matter while demonstrating personal sexual integrity in their own lives?

If we can’t (or won’t) help people (teenagers and adults alike) understand sexuality, there are others who are more than willing to give them guidance: movies, television, magazines, the Internet, music, educators, their friends, etc. Why can’t we talk about and tell the truth? What they don’t know can kill them! Let us briefly note these three truths. . .

1.      Sex is a progressive activity. Many believe the contrary; that only the act of intercourse is “sex”. Any other sexual contact, behavior or mental state is not sex and therefore okay to engage in. Sex includes the thought processes, emotions and behaviors that has the potential to result in sexual intercourse or masturbation.

2.      God designed sex and created us to be sexual beings. He views, elevates and presents sex as glorious, celebratory and holy all throughout the Bible. Sex (according to God’s design and purpose) is not dirty, vulgar or unholy. Through examples, antidotes, symbolism and commandments, He gives us the regulations of how and where to express our sexuality: in the heterosexual marriage covenant. Casual sex with multiple partners can ruin one’s opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling and fantastic sex life in marriage. Remember – God ordained and blessed sex before sin entered into the picture.

3.      It is the destructive and demonic influence of Satan and sin that has corrupted sex into nothing more than a quick and cheap release. Sin’s deceitful and tempting version of sex is harmless and healthy fun. According to the “tolerant and non-judgmental” values of society, there are few (if any) negative physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual consequences of violating God’s intent and purpose regarding sexuality. . .

  • “Do whatever feels right to you because there are no absolute standards of right and wrong”.
  • There is nothing wrong with sharing a home and a bed with a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • There is nothing wrong with having children outside of marriage.
  • There is nothing wrong with “hooking up” with someone you’ve “known” for a few hours or having a “friend with benefits.”

Internet websites, adult businesses and bookstores, virtual sex technologies, television, music videos, pornography, phone sex lines, PG13 and R-rated movies and sexuality explicit advertising is problematic for many struggling with sexual temptation, fidelity and purity. To ignore the influence of these issues in society, in families and in the church is foolish, deadly and damnable. 

My purpose for this blog is to directly and openly challenge Christians and non-Christians alike to step out of our comfort zones, reexamine our values, take action to follow the paths of God more completely and then educate (and enlighten) all who need this wisdom of God.

I will attempt to present every article, post, resource and question in a realistic and credible fashion. I will also make every effort to address sensitive issues with tact and respect, emphasizing God’s desire that all live in sexual integrity.

Question: In what ways do Christians send ambiguous and mixed messages about sex to young people? How can we send a clearer message? Your comments are welcomed below.


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