ArticLet's Be Real / Untold Storiesle #5. Today I have two links and two poll questions for you. The content of the two links explore and focus on the need to be authentic and vulnerable. The emotions and experiences you will read about is the reality of so many.  Until more churches, families and individuals are willing to deal with the issue of homosexuality in a redemptive way, people will continue to struggle in silence and eventually fall away. If either of these links don’t work, please let me know.

The first link takes you to the “Witness Freedom Ministries” website. This is their national open letter encouraging people of color (with same-sex attractions) to come home to God. When this letter first appeared in national newspapers in the spring of 2004, my first impression was they succeeded in mixing compassion, courage and conviction. They are brave enough to acknowledge that homosexuality continues to be a hidden reality in African-American and other ethnic churches. They are not forfeiting the fight for men and women who long for acceptance and comfort. They get it. Today we still need compassion, courage and conviction.

 Coming Home: An Open Letter To The Black Gay and Lesbian Community


The second link, “Buggin’ Out!”, is a bit more graphic but very real. I actually still have the original, print newsletters of the early issues from when I lived in the New York City area in the late 1990s. Reading these back then (and knowing a couple of guys who, like me, were questioning and struggling) absolutely shattered my heart. Identifying with the anguish, the triumphs, the humor and even some of the same experiences, I cried and laughed with every new newsletter I could get my hands on.

Honestly, “Buggin’ Out!” was actually the spark that ignited my passion for helping others contending with same-sex attractions years ago. It also led me to seriously reexamine my life and my relationship with God for the first time in a long time.

“Buggin’ Out!” Online Newsletters


I will continue to pray for myself, for all you guys who are still fighting the battle and for those who are trapped, hoping and searching.

Questions: In keeping with the theme of being authentic and real, I am interested in you honest feedback. Submit your votes in these two poll questions. Both will open in new windows.


What are your 3 biggest needs?

What is your attitude towards being touched?


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