church part 5

Are you a Christian who experience same-sex attractions?

Do you have a homosexual orientation?

Or do you self-identify as gay?

What do you want the church (your church) to know about you.

I want this post and these seven questions to be a forum and a catalyst for you to express to others what you want them to know.

  1. As a member of the church, what is it like being you?
  1. Are there any burdens or expectations placed upon you by the church or individual Christians (well-intentioned or not; reasonable or not)? What are some examples you could give?
  1. The life, worship and culture of most churches are very family oriented. If you are single, how does your unmarried status affect your needs and desires? Your relationships with other church members? Do you feel deprived of the intimacy and experiences others may enjoy? How would you explain your circumstances?
  1. What might cause you to stay away from the church?
  1. What would make you feel welcome in a church?
  1. Describe the kind of church you would want to be involved in.
  1. If you could speak openly with church leadership, what would you communicate with them about homosexual attractions (personally or in general)?

Your comments regarding any of these questions are welcomed below. For the ones who have already shared their concerns, thank you.


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