boycotting an unnecessary evilMy Introductory Comments:

On my other blog, I recently answered a reader’s question about boycotting a business because of their new non-discrimination policy regard LGBT individuals. The jist of my answer was what exactly is the church’s goal? What is it hoping to accomplish? Any consideration regarding this topic needs serious prayer and discernment.

I recommend that you check out and consider the following blog post by Shawn Harrison: Boycotting: An Unnecessary Evil. I believe his perspective is a wise and relevant contribution to this discussion.

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Six:11 Ministries

Regardless of which side is doing it, I don’t agree with groups boycotting each other. I mean really, what’s the point? Both sides end up losing ground in the process: one side looses the actual battle, and the other side looses their integrity. In my opinion anyways.

Though nothing makes my blood boil more than a group of Christians who take a boycotting stand against a group/company they don’t agree with. I honestly don’t understand why this happens, and how they can rightfully justify their actions. Now, before I loose some of you, let me state what I am advocating for. I am not advocating to allow immoral life to triumph over moral life, nor am I advocating that Christians sit back and allow the world to fall apart. Though what I am advocating is that the Christian community begins to handle itself a bit more professionally; a bit more…

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