Ron BelgauMy Introductory Comments:

I appreciate Ron’s encouragement for us to wisely invest in our relationships (interactions) and in our spiritual understanding of God’s word and will; equipping ourselves (and others) to better appreciate God’s ongoing redemptive purpose and history.

Well-meaning parties on both sides of any debate tend to want easy answers and simplistic talking points. Superficial explanations and arrogant platitudes will leave individuals with the impression they have been dismissed or disrespected. We can’t deny the validity of their experiences or feelings. They can’t listen until they have been heard. We must be curious about others – genuinely interested in them and what’s important to them.

When considering how to best respond to each person or situation, we need to walk into people’s hearts with care, consideration and spiritual discernment. Love must be our motivation. Sincere humility, grace and civility must be evident. We can’t dictate or control the process. We must be willing to face and experience the doubts and fears that will emerge as we interact and engage with others.

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Spiritual Friendship

For almost 20 centuries, there was little controversy over Christian teaching about homosexuality. For the last few decades, there has been an extraordinary amount of controversy. How should Christians respond to this changing situation?

The core truths of the Gospel never change (Hebrews 13:8). However, each generation of Christians faces its own challenges in sharing the good news of God’s love. Different cultures ask different questions and require different approaches to preaching.

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