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Video #1 (“Transforming the Conversation”) took place in the spring of 2012 at Pepperdine University (affiliated with the Churches of Christ). Here is the college’s description of the event. . .

“Our culture tells us that gays and Christians are enemies. So how can we as Christians have loving dialogue on the issue of homosexuality that changes hearts and minds for Christ? Ron and Justin will use stories, humor, personal experience, and the Bible to discuss how they can be friends in the midst of strong theological disagreement, and how we as Christians can better show love to the gay community without compromising our convictions.

Among the topics Ron and Justin will discuss: common misconceptions each side has about the other; being missionaries with our language and avoiding buzzwords that shut down conversation; understanding the difference between behavior and attraction; why dialogue is more effective than debate; and what Paul’s experience in Athens can teach us about representing Christ in the midst of disagreement.”

For your convenience, here’s an outline of the main points . . .

Video #1: “Transforming the Conversation” – 10 Practical Things You Can Do

  1. Learn the language
  2. Define your terms
  3. Distinguish between orientation and behavior
  4. Share your story and listen to others’ stories
  5. Understand that people don’t choose to be gay
  6. Avoid assuming people can become straight
  7. Seek to understand, then be understood
  8. Understand where they’re coming from
  9. Remember: I am gay. Now what?
  10. Emphasize friendship over agreement

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Video #2 (“Let’s Talk About (Homos)sexuality”) was recorded at Seattle Pacific University in the spring of 2014. SPU is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church.

Video #2: “Let’s Talk About (Homo)sexuality”


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