Letter-Freshman Self/Your ExperienceMy Introductory Comments:

For every student, “back to school” is filled with hope, promise and anxiety. To be an authentic, Christian young adult on a non-religious (or even “Christian”) campus has its challenges. But to be a Christian who contends with same-sex attraction, who has a homosexual orientation or who self-identifies as gay? Everyday can be a series of overwhelming experiences brimming with emotions.

In this poignant repost from Spiritual Friendship, Matt Jones reminds us that we are not alone in our experiences. We are valuable to our faith communities. And we need courage to be proactive and to reach out to the Lord and other trusted individuals. Here are three more links you may find helpful:

Listen To Him: Encouragement For Parents.

As a Christian, How Do I Respond To Someone’s Homosexuality: Part 2.

The Growing Crisis at Christian Colleges (by Misty Irons).

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Spiritual Friendship

Dear Freshman Matt,

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m not going to send you the winning lottery numbers for the next five years. Please. You should have thought about the possibility of receiving letters from your future self before you signed the Community Covenant.

Also, you’re gay.


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