Diffusing the Transgender Christian DebateMy Introductory Comments:

I appreciate Dr. Carr’s concern and work with a population who are often misunderstood, ignored and maligned along with gays and lesbians – transgender individuals. Regardless of our circumstances or dispositions, our purpose is to bring glory to God. And for these precious souls, it can be extremely challenging. Answers are elusive. But His grace is present. Included in this repost are more resources/links about theology and transgenderism.

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I’ve also just added two articles about transgenderism to the “Resource” page on this blog.


I recently have received inquiries for my professional opinion and expertise surrounding the issues of transgender individuals who are also Christians. So I wrote most of this as a reply to one such inquiry and thought it fitting to modify it for my first blog post of 2013.

First and foremost, let me just say that the experiences of individuals for whom their sense of gender (how masculine or feminine they feel) is at odds with their biological sex is very challenging to say the least. Add to this internal conflict growing up in a conservative Christian environment with Biblical teachings and interpretations of Scripture that are unwavering in their binary approach to gender and you have a lot of people who have the potential of being extremely confused, hurt, shamed, frustrated, and invisible. I have had the privilege of listening to and reading the stories of many individuals for…

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