Sally GaryHomosexuality and the Churches of Christ (Recommended Resources)

I have been following the work of Sally Gary and CenterPeace since the fall of 2006. At the time, I felt that one of my persistent prayers for the church had been answered. I can’t speak highly enough about the heart and quality of the brethren that labor in this ministry. A robust fellowship of believers grappling with homosexuality in a compassionate, hopeful, open, honest and redemptive manner was (is) very rare within the churches of Christ. Check out these links and resources. Share them with others.


The core objective of CenterPeace is to provide support and resources for men and women who experience same-sex attraction. Clicking the banner will take you to their website. There you will find information about services and events available for individuals, schools, families and churches.

Jonathan Storment is the Preaching Minister at the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas. Click the cover of “Loves God, Likes Girls” to read his review of Sally’s book.

Sally Gary.

Earlier this year Sally Gary and Jonathan Storment took to the stage at the Highland Church to discuss “The Idolatry of Sex”. If for some reason the video doesn’t appear in the space below, you can click here to view it at Vimeo. Note: Although the video blacks out for a couple of minutes (3:40 to 5:15), you can still hear the audio.

Your comments on this video (or how this subject is dealt with in your congregation) is welcomed below.


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