The Road Ahead

I am back after a 10-month absence. The needed space for self-reflection has helped me clarify my faith walk and personhood. And all the feedback from this blog since the fall of 2013 has enriched my capacity for understanding and grace even more. At this point, I want to further process the questions, concerns, suggestions and insights.

So my new goal is to write and share 50 more blog posts on the themes of homosexuality and living with unwanted same-sex attractions (by the end of 2015). The first 50 communicated the heart of my concerns and perspectives. Within these new articles, I will revisiting previous topics while expounding upon the practical application. (The Male Friendship and Emotional Intimacy Survey: Post #51 is an example of this.) I welcome you to listen and reflect with me. Be challenged. Pray. Share. Act.

There is more to talk about. More to say. A more urgent need to notice, to listen, to learn. A selfless need for more authenticity, more service and more love. A God-enabled determination to further yield our lives to His will and direction. There is so much more that you and I need to do to continue moving forward.