For none of us lives for ourselves alone, and none of us dies for ourselves alone. If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord. For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.  – Romans 14:7 – 9 (New International Version)

Although we belong to God and to our fellow church members (Romans 12:4, 5), I want to acknowledge that our relationship with the church can be painful and challenging. And it may be very difficult to authentically connect (or sustain relationship) with our spiritual family. But we are sons and daughters of the King too. What we struggle with does not define who or what we are in Christ. Our lives are not over just because we experience same-sex attractions, and neither is our faith.

Therefore, we should nurture an attitude of thankfulness and joy for what God has given us thus far. The Lord has endowed us with abilities and talents to be used for His glory. We still have an obligation to Him, to our church family and to individuals within our sphere of influence.

At times we get in a rut, doing the same things over and over. We keep replaying the same unproductive and destructive thoughts in our minds. Being idle is not good. Having a pity party is not good. Instead of being stuck on our problems and perceived short-comings, we need to extend ourselves and minister to the needs of others. 

Take the opportunity to step outside yourself every once in a while and help others in some intentional way. Doing so can help you put your struggle into proper perspective.

It is my belief that a Christian should be an observant and proactive person. It is not hard to find people in need. When we take part in any of the activities I have listed below . . .

  • benevolent and caring services will be rendered
  • spiritual brethren will be encouraged
  • the seeds of engagement, empowerment and evangelism will be planted
  • we demonstrate to each other, non-Christians and our Father that we believe and trust in Him and His promises
  • God will be honored and glorified
  • the Gospel will gain more respect and recognition
  • outsiders will see and experience our genuine concern
  • the light of the local church will shine brighter
  • mutual cooperation, sharing and love within the spiritual family will become more evident
  • hearts of believers and non-believers alike will soften

If you have more suggestions on how Christians can serve, share them in the “Comments” section.


102 Ways To Serve Christ (and Others)

  1. Being a good example (watching your language, habits, attitude, behavior) is admirable but it is also important to be authentic with others. No one is perfect. Just because we all wear different masks doesn’t mean we can’t be more transparent.
  2. Use your personal skills and knowledge to help people in the church or in the community
  3. Help prepare and update the bulletin boards and signage on church property (and/or church advertising for local media)
  4. Assist with the church’s audio/visual ministry
  5. Assist with the church’s benevolence and care ministries
  6. Participate in the church’s visitation and transportation ministries
  7. Lend your expertise to the church’s Internet/online ministries
  8. Help clean the kitchen and keep the supplies stocked
  9. Help clean and maintain the other interior spaces of the church building (classrooms, offices, sanctuary, etc.)
  10. Assist with the maintenance and cleanliness of the church’s vehicles
  11. Assist with the maintenance and work of the church library
  12. Personally contact and follow-up with visitors
  13. Assist with the writing and production of the weekly bulletin, calendar, etc.
  14. Deliver communion to the shut-ins
  15. Sit with and visit the sick
  16. Landscape and maintain the church grounds/property
  17. Decorate the interior of the buildings
  18. Mow the grass for an elderly person
  19. Read to someone in the nursing home
  20. Visit a shut-in
  21. Distribute good religious literature (tracts, books, magazines, and other media)
  22. Make use of your own personal social media sites and blogs to reach out to others
  23. Transport someone to the doctor or the market
  24. Call and uplift the bereaved
  25. Invite someone to lunch or dinner
  26. Mail a gift or care package to someone in the military
  27. Take a dish to a home where there is illness
  28. Provide transportation for someone to church services
  29. Send a card (or handwritten letter) to the sick or those with birthdays
  30. Send a handwritten letter to someone who is discouraged
  31. Mail a gift or care package to a college student
  32. Send a handwritten letter to a college student
  33. Volunteer to help a Bible class teacher
  34. Clean house for someone who is ill or shut-in
  35. Give good, used clothing to a needy family
  36. Help keep the pantry filled at the church building
  37. Telephone someone absent from Bible class or worship services and say you missed them
  38. Tell others about the church’s radio/television/podcast ministries
  39. Pray for your spiritual leaders and teachers (as a group and individually) i. e. the elders, preacher, deacons, etc. (and their families)
  40. Visit the hospital
  41. Help out at the local food bank
  42. Take meals to the elderly
  43. Clean the home and/or yard of a disabled neighbor
  44. Babysit for overworked parents
  45. Wholeheartedly participate in worship services
  46. Help prepare and serve communion
  47. Help with baptisms
  48. Greet people before and after worship services
  49. Lead singing
  50. Clean the church parking lot
  51. Preach a sermon
  52. Teach a Bible lesson
  53. Care for the children in the nursery
  54. Participate in a missions trip
  55. Help support and/or sponsor missionaries at home and abroad (financially, spiritually, emotionally)
  56. Write a letter to (or an article for) the local newspaper (editorial, lifestyle, etc.)
  57. Make a goal to smile and be friendly with everyone you come in contact with today
  58. Help out at a homeless shelter
  59. Volunteer at a local charity
  60. Tutor a child
  61. Assist a single parent
  62. Teach an adult to read
  63. Just be there for someone experiencing a difficult time; listen – don’t offer advice
  64. Find practical ways to help those with mental or medical illnesses
  65. Become involved in a ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners and/or their families
  66. Use your personal knowledge or experience to assist those recovering from alcohol or drug abuse
  67. Open your home to visiting ministers and other visitors
  68. Become personally involved in the lives of new converts and new members
  69. Become personally involved in teaching new converts
  70. Provide an ongoing service to the blind and/or deaf
  71. Become a foster parent
  72. Welcome and assist new residents who move into your neighborhood and community
  73. Lead or take part in an after-school Bible study and fellowship
  74. Lead or take part in an after-work Bible study and fellowship
  75. Help out at a shelter for victims of domestic violence and abuse
  76. Drive the church’s vehicles to special events such as meetings, lectureships, retreats, workshops and seminars
  77. Befriend someone who needs a friend
  78. Mail and grade Bible correspondence courses
  79. Schedule, conduct or take part in in-home Bible studies
  80. Look for and develop opportunities to befriend and minster to people in these groups with special needs: single people, new parents, senior citizens
  81. Look for and develop opportunities to befriend and minister to people in these groups with special needs: LGBT individuals, the bereaved, the newly divorced, overwhelmed caregivers
  82. Encourage the weak and lost sheep of your local church
  83. Share your creativity, hobbies, special talents and interests with others
  84. Be an advocate for someone who needs an advocate
  85. Pray for and actively seek ways to bless your enemies
  86. Inconvenience yourself to help someone you don’t know
  87. Make an effort to be more humble and vulnerable
  88. Expressly tell someone that you are their friend
  89. Make a new friend
  90. Freely forgive someone
  91. Ask for someone forgiveness (and make restitution if you can)
  92. Devote yourself to pray for the needs of your community; enlist others to join you in prayer
  93. Pray for our civic and government leaders (representatives): local, state, federal
  94. Share God’s grace “without words” (1 Peter 3:1, 2)
  95. Freely (and sincerely) compliment, praise and affirm others; see the glory in the ordinary
  96. Share the gift of humor and laughter with someone
  97. Establish and take part in regular family devotions (and/or with a group of friends)
  98. Encourage a child (your child, grandchild, a niece or nephew or any other young person)
  99. Encourage a coworker; lighten someone’s load
  100. Mentor (provide friendship, spiritual guidance and wisdom, shared time and activities) a member of the church (usually someone younger)
  101. Mentor (provide friendship, spiritual guidance and wisdom, shared time and activities) a non-Christian (usually someone younger)
  102. Be more patient with others; it will keep us from misjudging, misunderstanding and under-valuing people


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