Did you know this upcoming Sunday (August 2, 2015) is Friendship Day?

On an emotional level, how well do you relate to and connect with your guy friends? How would you describe your relationship with the male friends in your life? What qualities do you look for in your friendships? Would others describe you a good friend?

Mutual respect, affirmation and affection with our guy friends can be extremely difficult – but a treasure when it happens. I was 20 years old before I finally allowed another man to be my friend. I described the circumstances of how the emotional barrier between us was finally broken in today’s featured post. The experience was totally unexpected.

Within the same article (below the video) you will find . . .

  • my observations about the characteristics that should typify friendships (brotherhood) between Christian guys
  • links to articles about emotional dependency and the limits of emotional intimacy
  • and a great article by Nick Roen – where he considers the question, “should I not pursue intimate male relationships because of the dangers of (sexual) attraction?”




Article #18: Male Friendship and Emotional Intimacy

Article #72: When I Was Afraid To Have Male Friends

Article: The History and Nature of Man Friendships

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