An Alternative Script For Same-Sex Attraction (Nick Roen)

It is that time of year when I spotlight my three favorite blog posts and bloggers of the year (in no particular order). For a list of my favorite bloggers (and blog posts), click here.

First up for 2014: Nick Roen

Nick blogs at:


4 Links to my favorite articles by Nick. And a video of his testimonial.


An Alternative Script For Same-Sex Attraction

‘There is nothing wrong with living a gay lifestyle. In fact, if you repress who you are, you will never live a happy, fulfilled life. Be true to yourself!” This is the overwhelming message of society regarding homosexuality. Mark Yarhouse refers to this as “the gay script,” the blueprint for how homosexuals are to live.” . . .

“What the church needs is an alternative script. And it must be a holistic script that accounts for the real emotions and desires of those with SSA. We can’t live a life of only saying, “No!” to our desires. We need to be able to say “Yes!” to something greater, something better.” – Nick Roen


Is It Sin To Experience Same-Sex Attraction?

“There is no way around it. Dealing with same-sex attraction is messy. There are many issues that, at least on the surface, do not seem clear. Take this question, for example: Is same-sex attraction (SSA) itself sinful, and if so, how should we deal with it? Here is my humble attempt at an answer.” – Nick Roen


Here’s Your Answer, But You Can’t Have It

“Recently, one of my friends on Facebook pointed me to an article on the Gospel Coalition blog about a man who experiences an intensely deep friendship with another guy. It really is beautiful. The author’s name is Chad Ashby, and in the article, he makes what I would consider to be a correct distinction between deep love between men and homosexual attraction. . .” – Nick Roen


Gay Is Not the Scandal, Celibacy Is

“It seems that one of the questions of perennial interest in this conversation about sexuality is, “What does the term ‘gay’ denote?” Does it denote a particular behavior or sinful lifestyle? Or does it simply describe an experience of sexuality, and say nothing one way or the other about how that experience is lived out? Many conservatives insist on anathematizing the term because they argue it necessarily entails a sinful expression of sexuality. They assert that people who label themselves as gay usually mean to say that they also engage in gay sex. We here at Spiritual Friendship are living testaments to the fact that this is a false assumption.” – Nick Roen


If Nick Roen’s testimonial does not appear below, click here to view video .

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