Same-Sex Attractions

100 articles about experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions while embracing a traditional Christian sexual ethic

Resources, Links and Videos

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The websites, blogs, articles, links and videos found on this page (and throughout this blog) are resources I have found helpful. I list them here for informational purposes only. Any inclusion (or exclusion) of a resource does not indicate or imply an endorsement. The content of each are the sole responsibility of their owners.

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When I Kept Silent

“I am a Christian man who has experienced a lifelong struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction.  The story of the consequences of sin which tore my world apart (and the hope and truth which restored it) can be found on my blog.” (click the link above:

Living Out

The Hope For Wholeness Network

The Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity

Spiritual Friendship: Musings on God, friendship, relationships (Ron Belgau & Wesley Hill)

Loving Homosexuals As Jesus Would (Chad Thompson)

“Buggin’ Out!” Online Newsletters

Sexual Recovery Institute

Christopher Yuan


Same-Sex Attraction

Bring Them In: A Guide For Those Who Want To Help Their Loved Ones That Experience Same-Sex Attraction (from a Latter-Day Saints perspective)

Voices of Hope: Latter-Day Saints Perspectives on Same-Gender Attraction (dozens of video and written essays)

OneByOne (from a Presbyterian perspective)

Courage International (from a Catholic perspective)

CatholicBoyRichard 2.0 (Rediscovering “Extraordinary” Catholicism)


These websites (and articles) are primarily for youth workers and parents. But everyone should check them out:

Forty To None Project (homelessness among LGBTQ youth)

The Trevor Project (suicide prevention: 1-866-488-7386)

The Growing Crisis At Christian Colleges

Sexuality Conversations At Evangelical Colleges

The Golden Rule Pledge

“Six:11 Ministries” Resources for Youth Workers

“Six:11 Ministries” Loving Your Gay Child

The Five Stages Of Grief For Parents of LGBT Children

“If Your Child Says I’m Gay” by Tim Wilkins

“My Gay Breaking Point” (Dr. Mark Yarhouse)

How to Talk to Young Kids About Same-Sex Relationships (Jason Brilbrey)

How Can The Church Tell A Gay 16-Year Old That “God’s Will” For Him Is A Life Void Of Romance? (Matt Moore)

What I Wish My Youth Pastor Had Said (Part 1)

What I Wish My Youth Pastor Had Said (Part 2)

Clearing the Path For Your Child’s Faith

Speak With Other Christian Parents: National Parent List


These websites are resources for men who are survivors of abuse and violence (either as a child or as an adult):

Male Survivor: Overcoming Sexual Victimization of Boys and Men

1 in 6

The GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project

“Domestic Violence In The Gay Community”

Male Abuse Awareness Website

Emmaus Ministries

Domestic Violence Against Men: Know the Signs

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them



“LGBT Documentaries” (Andrew Marin)

How Is Gay Celibacy Different From Straight Celibacy? (Jeremy Erickson)

My Early Teen Years (Part 1): What I Went Through (Jeremy Erickson)

My Early Teen Years (Part 2): Practical Reflections (Jeremy Erickson)

More On Coming Out (Part 2): How Open Should You Be? (Jeremy Erickson)

Homosexuality and the Resurrection of Disability (Chris Damian)

Same-Sex Attraction and the Inevitability Of Change (John Piper)

“Why love the sinner, hate the sin fails” (Shawn Harrison)

Homosexuality and the Church: Q & A with John Copeland 

Let go of all the “gay” and fix in on Jesus (Matt Moore)

Powerful Prayers for Hurting Leaders

Real Talk for Straight Folks (Julie Rodgers)

If I Don’t Have the Gift (Julie Rodgers)

I’m Sorry (Brent Bailey)

Duck Dynasty and Controversy (Brent Bailey)

Hurt Feelings Are The Least Of My Concerns (Brent Bailey)

An Alternative Script For Same-Sex Attraction (Nick Roen)

Is It A Sin To Experience Same-Sex Attraction? (Nick Roen)

Gay Is Not the Scandal, Celibacy Is  (Nick Roen)

The Ministry Gay Christians Have (Wesley Hill)

An Impatience With Biblical Exegesis (Wesley Hill)

For Gay Men With Sex Addiction

Gay Men and Sexual Addiction

Letter To A Church That Dehumanizes Gays (Susan Cottrell)

Response To My Old Gay Bible Study

Gay Pride: The Pain Before The Pride (Matt Moore)

The Truest Love: A Comparison of the Gay and Christian Communities (Matt Moore)

A Place at the Table

Streetwalking With Jesus

Why You Should Attend Your Gay Loved One’s Wedding (Jason Brilbrey)

Should Christians Attend The Gay Marriage Ceremonies Of Their Loved Ones? (Matt Moore)



Unique Challenges for Transgender Christians (Dr. Trista Carr)

Ask a Transgender Christian: Response (Rachel Held Evans)


The dynamics of friendships and similar relationships are the focus of these articles:

If Your Friend Says “I’m Gay” (Tim Wilkins)

What is Emotional Dependency?

The Limits of Emotional Intimacy Between Christians

Singles and the Church: Why It Sucks to be Unintentionally Overlooked – Part 1 (Kate Hurley)

Singles and the Church: Why It Sucks to be Unintentionally Overlooked – Part 2 (Kate Hurley)

Staying In The Light (part 1): Accountability Partnerships

Staying In The Light (part 2): Accountability Styles

Here’s Your Answer, But You Can’t Have It (Nick Roen)


These articles may be of interest to African-Americans:

Coming Home: An Open Letter To the Black Gay and Lesbian Community

Initiating a Culturally Responsive Discourse of Same-Sex Attraction Among African-American Males


Mixed-Orientation Marriages: The last five articles are authored or co-authored by Dr. Mark Yarhouse.

Mixed-Orientation Marriages (Jason Bilbrey)

Josh Weed – Club Unicorn: In Which I Come Out of the Closet on our 10 Year Anniversary

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Quality of the Relationship

Part 3: Sexual Intimacy

Part 4: Suggestions For Counselors

Characteristics of Mixed Orientation Couples: An Empirical Study



Matt Jenson – Reflections For Singles and Those Struggling With Homosexuality

Matt Chandler – A Biblical and Cultural Examination of Homosexuality (3 parts)

Great presentation; I highly recommend this series.

Don Blackwell – The Truth About Pornography

If a video does not appear in this space, click here to view the video at

Robert Weiss – Sex Addicts Informational Video

Ron Belgau and Justin Lee: Transforming the Conversation

If a video does not appear in this space, click here to view the video at

Justin Lee and Ron Belgau: Let’s Talk About (Homo)sexuality

Sally Gary & Jonathan Storment: The Idolatry of Sex

If a video does not appear in this space, click here to view the video at

Steve DeWitt – The Bachelor Pastor: Premarital Reflections On Singleness, Purity and Ministry

If a video does not appear in this space, click here to view the video at

Reconciliation (2009) – Film Trailer

This is my favorite ‘Christian’ movie about homosexuality and forgiveness. Will a son forgive his father for abandoning their family? Will a father forgive his son for the hateful words he said years ago? Click here to go to the movie’s official website.

Compelling Love and Sexual Identity

If a video does not appear in this space, click here to view the video at


You can get access to more videos on this blog by clicking the following links . . .

Dr. Wesley Hill talks about the main objectives of his book, “Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality”

Dr. Stanton Jones takes questions (about homosexuality and same-sex attraction) from students at the Dallas Theological Seminary (2013)

Author Melinda Selmys discusses her journey as a lesbian feminist turned Catholic home-school mother of seven

Andrew Marin talks about “Love Is An Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community” (his first book) and the Marin Foundation


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