Same-Sex Attractions

100 articles about experiencing unwanted same-sex attractions while embracing a traditional Christian sexual ethic

Experience Unwanted SSA? Share Your Story.

What's Your Story?


Do you experience unwanted same-sex attractions or have an unwanted homosexual orientation?

Do you believe in the traditional Christian teachings regarding sexuality and sexual behavior?

You can share your feelings and experiences here.

Use this space to unload and vent. Encourage others. Be encouraged. You are not alone.


Please read our guidelines:

All stories (personal experiences) submitted are held for moderation before being published. I will do my best to moderate your comments within 48 hours of your submission (as my schedule allows).

If your story is approved, I will create a separate page for your story where others can read it and submit comments (if they so desire). If you want to add more content to your story after it is posted, use the form below.

If your story does not appear after 48 hours, it is because it violates one of the following guidelines. You can submit a revised version of your story.


        This forum is for individuals who experience unwanted same-sex attractions AND who agree with/believe in the traditional Christian doctrine regarding sexuality and sexual behavior. I want these individuals to have their own space to share THEIR experiences. If you don’t contend with unwanted SSA and/or you don’t agree with the traditional Christian teachings about sexuality and sexual behavior, your submission will be denied or removed. This page is for the specific segment of my readers whom I just described.

2.    I want the tone of this blog to stay positive and supportive. Please keep this in mind as you share with others.

3.    Maintain your privacy. Don’t reveal information that could identify you or others in your comments (names, addresses, phone numbers, locations, etc. ). Take common sense precautions about what you publicly post anywhere on the Internet (including here).

4.    Nothing communicated on this site should take the place of a trained professional (doctor, lawyer, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.). This site should never be used as a replacement for the advice and care of a trained professional. If you need specialized help, please seek out the services of a competent professional.

5.    Comments deemed to be spam will be rejected and/or deleted.

6.    Commentators who are unnecessarily argumentative, malicious, off-topic or inappropriate will not be tolerated.

7.    Comments that attack or defame a person or group will be are not allowed. No bullying.

8.    Your submission is completely anonymous. No one, including myself, can tell who said what. Please be aware that I do not have the time to personally respond to every submission.

9.    Thank you for taking the time to share your story and for your honesty and transparency. You are ultimately helping people like yourself.  If you have any problems with this form, please leave me a note in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

10.    I reserve the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at anytime.


Tell us your story here:


And these are your stories . . .


September 30, 2014 – Familyguy12 is a male in his 20’s who experience attraction to more than one sex (or gender). To read his story, click here.


October 4, 2014 – Rob is a 28-year-old male who experiences same-sex attraction. To read his story, click here.


November 11, 2014 – Bryant is 38 years old. He states he is attracted to both men and women. To read his story, click here.



April 4, 2015 – Trey is 26 years old. He states he is sexually attracted to other men. To read his story, click here.


June 23, 2015 – M D is 55 years old. He states he is sexually attracted to other men. To read his story, click here.


June 30, 2015 – Antonio is 35 years old. He states he is sexually attracted to other men. To read his story, click here.


October 13, 2015 – Mark is 44 years old. He states he experiences same-sex attraction. To read his story, click here.


February 18, 2016 – Chris is 63 years old. He states he is sexually attracted to other men. To read his story, click here.



2 thoughts on “Experience Unwanted SSA? Share Your Story.

  1. Hi
    This is Martin,
    I’d like to take my story down from your blog.
    I was feeling sorry for myself and just in a bad place at the time.
    I’ve grown a lot since then and I used real names, which I shouldn’t have done.
    Please take it down for me.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Martin. It is good to hear from you. I have honored your request to remove your story from the site. I am glad you are at a better place now compared to a few years ago. You have my best wishes.

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